March Morning Photography

I woke up this morning around 7:30…..not sure why, but I did. After laying there for a while I finally got up, got dressed and headed downstairs to make coffee. The sun was shining bright and warm. As I sat by the window reading my book, sipping my coffee and listening to music, I started thinking about how close Spring really is. I was thinking about new life and growth and I wondered about the plants in the garden. Then I realized I was thinking and not actually doing anything about my curiosities. So I got up, grabbed my camera and headed outside to look around the yard.

Its been rainy the past couple days so the earth is still wet and it smells amazing.


Petrichor (n.): the smell of earth after rain.

I was looking in the flower beds and anything that looked green I got close to and started snapping photos of.


I even caught some of the dew/rain drops that were left on some weeds, older plants and the dogwood tree using my macro lens.

Though the sun seemed to disappear behind the clouds while I was outside most of the time, leaving it chilly and damp, I really enjoyed wandering around the yard and seeing new life popping up around the flower beds.


I can’t wait to get out more with my camera, maybe go on some drives looking for more spring things to photograph. I’m extremely excited to see the flowers bloom and the trees fill out!

Thats all for today.


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