What an adventure…♥

Hello everyone ! I just got home from the biggest adventure I’ve ever had…since 2010 at least. This summer started off with a ! BANG ! I spent a week in Ottawa, basically chilling and hanging out with a friend. Then I went through hell and back crossing the border to get state side. Had a grueling 20 hour drive from Prescott, Ontario to Chicago, Illinois. I met up with my good friend Peep. {Her name is Clara, but I almost never actually call her by her name, that’s just not how we work LOL.} We hugged each other in the middle of the street and it was so nice.

I met my best friend, Todd, the very next day. It was so surreal finally meeting this person after over a year of chatting with him, video calls on Skype, late nights playing games and lots of shared laughter over the internet. I was wracked with anxiety before he came over. I was terrified that I wouldn’t even open the door, but once I saw him and we hugged…. it was almost like we had always been doing that. I have literally never been so comfortable with someone in my entire life than I am with this man. Between our random noises and shared silly looks I have never laughed so much in my life.

I am so happy to know these people. To have them as friends. To generally have them in my life.  I am grateful and blessed.

I was spoiled the entire month. I was loved, hugged, squished, smooched and told I was cute every single day. I’m surprised my head didn’t explode from how much I was complimented, my ego should be gigantic by now. I’ve had a friend tell me how insanely sparkly happy I look in my pictures.

I just feel good. I’m very happy that I took the opportunity to travel while I’m still young. It was really…. stressful. It was stressful getting to Chicago and coming home but it was 100% worth the anxiety and stress for the month of love and happiness with amazing people.

I am happy.


P.S- It is really good to be home.


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