Happiness in a tank !

Over the weekend I finally bought a fish tank. I have been talking about getting one since the beginning of the year but since I was traveling and would be gone for a month I decided to wait.
I spent a lot of time looking at aquarium rocks, decorations and plants. I honestly had no idea what I wanted my future fish’s home to look like. I ended up buying a 5 different coloured rocks, only using 4 in my tank. {Pastel pink, lavender and a mix of small and medium earth toned rocks.} I picked out a fancy castle, some vibrant plants and a pink coral decoration. I spent all night making sure everything was just perfect.
The tank had to sit for a couple days just so the water was safe for my fish. I spent two days staring at my fishless tank, wondering what type of goldfish might be swimming around in there. I went yesterday {August 3rd} to the tropical pet store with my Mom to see what they had to offer. At first I saw two small fish that I liked, so I let the man at the store know and he scooped them up in a net and into a water bag. What happened next was traumatizing…………………..As he lifted the bag up and out of the tank and turned to walk away, the bag caught on a hook on the wall and promptly split open.

Water. Splash. Fish. Floor….. 

I stood for a moment, shocked, watching the small gaping mouths gasp for air. The man crouched over and picked them up, putting them in a separate tank. He turned to me and said “Well, you have to pick two different ones.” Blinking and trying to keep calm I picked out two slightly bigger fish of the same variety as the first set. I warned him about the hook on the wall and watched him as he carefully double water bagged these fish and then added a white bag over them. Triple bagged for safety. I paid for my new fish, which were no where near cheap.{Longing for the 35cent goldfish in Chicago.} 

Once home I let them get acclimated to the water and finally set them free into their new home. Happy. They looked so happy to finally be out of that bag. To explore. I’m happy too. To finally have them in my life.

I find peace watching them swim around, in the colours I chose for the rocks….even in the sound of the filter’s waterfall.

Here they are:
BB-8 and Dahlia.




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