My own worst critic…-venting-

This year I decided to do Inktober. {please google if you aren’t sure what that is}
I told myself I was going to stay on top of it and do one piece a day like the challenge states. I’ve been trying but I keep almost forgetting and then I feel rushed. I beat up on myself because I have to do something. And then when I’m done I generally hate what I’ve done. Yesterday I even ripped up my work. I kept telling myself I could have done better, that I should have done better, that I was stupid for falling behind.

Every day I tell myself to just give up. I still have a long way to go and if I just give up I don’t have to worry about it. I’m constantly at war with myself. Loving my work one minute and then wanting to tear it to pieces the next. I feel like shit about if I’m going to be honest. I even thought about deleting my facebook page. Nothing I do is consistent.
Someone I know has had their page for a few months and has over 500 likes and mine only has 180…… I’ve had my page for YEARS…..

I’m discouraged. I’m worried that my stuff will just not be good enough ever.

I don’t know.



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