Waiting for my hair to dry..

I’m just sitting here, waiting for my hair to dry a little more before I have to run some errands. I’m looking at my fish and getting really excited to move them over to their new and bigger tank. I’m thinking that Dahlia has developed a really bad habit of gulping at the surface. Though the little ‘blep blep blep’ sounds that come from it are incredibly adorable. I just hope she doesn’t gather in too much air and develope a swimming problem again.

I still have so much to do in my room, including move the big shelf. But I have to remove a couple things to make space to actually be able to move it.

I guess that’s my day so far…

I planned on filming a little bit but I really want to get this tank set up so I can have it cycle over the next couple of days.

We’ll see.



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