Trial and Error

Such is life. Am I right? Trial and error…trial.. and error. I went through a ton of heavy lifting and water spilling and cuss words yesterday. Just for me to empty out the almost 20 gallons of water from the tank today. Why? Because I’ve decided I do not trust the slightly rickety stand that it is on at all. Its so frustrating. Now I have to go through it all over again. Plus find a new stand that is the right dimensions and has storage. Like a dresser or something. But then now I’m thinking about it… I would have to carry it up the stairs. Or get something to assemble up here. Its going to be heavy.

I am in pain and stressed and on the verge of being wrung out. Which is even more stressful because this has taken up my entire weekend now. I didn’t get much else done when I wanted to do filming and art things. So I’m hoping Monday can be like… my recharge day.

My mental health has been kinda neutral. The stress just makes my brain tired but I’ve been able to keep the most negative thoughts away. So that’s good.

I’m just tired.



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