I’ve had an overwhelming weekend and yesterday I finally took the time to myself to recharge and think through some things. The main thing being my trip to Chicago this year. After really thinking about money and time I realized how stressing it was, my trip being so close and in the beginning of the year. I was telling my best friend, Todd, yesterday that as much as I want to be there for his birthday and our two year friendiversary (Yes, we do that. We’re cool, okay?!) I just simply can’t. My main priorities right now are paying my rent, my fish and my art.

My fish and my art are very important to me. Right now, they are basically my life.

I am in the middle of upgrading my fish tank situation so that my fish have room to grow and thrive. I want to provide for them, care for them. They’re my little family. They’re a source of comfort. Responsibility. A reason to get up and out of bed.
(I literally just took a break from writing this so I could do a water change on their tank before I forgot)

My art has become a new focus for me this year. So far, at least. I have started writing a book. And I truly believe that by the end of the year it may be finished and self-published. I have started buying Copic markers. For my illustrating needs. They are definitely not the most affordable choice but they are the quality choice. Using them and learning to use them better will make my art, and the time I put into my art, more valuable and of better quality. I put a little time in every single day, looking on Pinterest and YouTube studying new ways to illustrate, techniques and styles. Researching. Learning. Trying new things. Seeing how it goes. Trial and error.

For the past 2 years I have been growing into a better me. And I don’t plan to stop now. Its a priority.

A priority I know my friends will understand when I tell them I cannot visit them as soon as we planned.



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