Yesterday I noticed that my black moor, Dahlia, was having some swimming problems and floating at the top of the water..

Dahlia is doing a little better today ! I am fasting them for a full day and then feeding them peas tomorrow to hopefully help them a little more. I am also doing a tablet treatment just in case of any baddies in the water. Though I am still kind of upset that my bigger tank will have to be put off because of not having a sturdy stand for it… I am happy to say that when my money gets straightened out (after a frustrating amount of time waiting for a refund on something) I will be able to buy and try a different brand of sinking pellet food. And hopefully one that…you know… actually sinks…

Well, today is Saturday. I have started taking weekends as more of a self-care time. Which is good. Because I honestly haven’t been taking very good care of my mental health. I let stress get the better of me last weekend and the first half of the week. I had a manic episode and thankfully I had someone I could talk to to remind me of the good things.

Today I am just trying to stay up. Maybe paint a little bit. Read my book… maybe.



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