Goals Update~

Lets briefly talk about my goals, shall we?

My short term goal right now is to get a desk that is big enough, but not too big (because my room is rather small), to use my desktop computer and as an art space. (an office chair would be nice to get soon too) I can’t keep working and trying to create on my bed and the desk I have now is very rickety and old and about a foot deep, so having my desktop computer on there too it doesn’t leave much room.

Long term goal : Finishing my book by the end of the year.
Now my book isn’t going to be very long, its a children’s book based for ages 2 – 6, so I have confidence that writing it won’t take very long. Even when I just let the story come to me as it pleases, I believe I could be done writing it in as little as 2 months. Its the illustration of the book that will take a while. But I figure I do one or two illustrations every month I could be done by August ! Which….considering my latest mental state… could be more like.. November. Which is STILL good !

Well… that’s it I guess.

Have a good morning/afternoon/evening/night !


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