boyfriend and bunnies

Tomorrow ….well… today I suppose since I’m writing this at almost 3am…. anyways !
Tomorrow I get to see my boyfriend. I’m incredibly excited. I know I’ll hardly sleep. I have so many things to do including make him a birthday cake later ! I can’t wait to hug him. He makes me so happy and tells me all the time that I’m sweet and loves that I remember things about him. That’s always been a thing I could do. Remember things.

Other than that excitement, I’ve been a little stressed… I guess. I made two Etsy sales this week, which totally proves you have to spend money to make money since I’ve been advertising my listings. I’m super happy o have made a little bit of money but I’m also stressed because it happened during a very busy part of my week and also I’ve been kind of struggling a bit mentally? That little creeping voice in the back of my mind telling me that I’m being annoying or saying everything wrong… when I talk to my friends. Its going strong. That awful little voice. I feel like less and less time is being spent with my best friend and even though I’ve been spending more time with my boyfriend. Its new to me. To want to spend this much time with someone who isn’t my best friend. But still trying to make time for my best friend and having this stupid little voice telling me that I’m saying stupid things or being incredibly annoying is making me……want to push him away instead.

Anyways…Enough with the scary mental crap. I’m trying really hard to follow my heart and soul lately. Which lead me to sitting in the yard watching rabbits laze around for 30 minutes the other day. Here are some photos:

Thats all for now I think… I should probably try to sleep.


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