Today isn’t over !

Today has been not so great. I thought I would get things done that I’ve been putting off for a while. Those things aren’t getting done so I’m trying to do other things ! One minor inconvenience… as much as I love him. Finn. He’s being a total terror today. I’ve had to stop and vent to someone at least five times and take mini-me breaks.

My patience is thin and I’m hormonal so my temper is running on a short fuse. All these things I’m aware are factors. On my way into the laundry room Finn tripped me and I fell for the second time this week.

So out of frustration I started crying and screaming.

Even though he knew what he did was wrong and was kind of scared because I was yelling… as soon as I started crying, Finn ran over and whined and licked my face. He was worried about me. And I just sat there and let it happen. I took a breather.

After I was calm I herded finn out of the kitchen and closed the gate and let him bark and whine as I went into the laundry room to put a load in the washer.

I took a few minutes back there to breathe and remind myself that just because things aren’t going the way I expected or hoped they would, it doesn’t mean that today is an all around BAD day. Bad things may be happening. But the reality is :

1. Finn is still only 6months old. He still has things to learn and he will have his restless days when he can just be let out to run around by himself.

2. I was letting the fact that I can’t do what I want get to me and I’m LETTING it make me upset instead of doing something else. I can change that.

3. I can still do a few things later that I wanted to do. I am stressing about time that is still abundant. 4. Tomorrow is an opportunity for a better day. I’m going to be completely fine. I got laundry in. I started doing some dishes. Finn is calmer for now. I am relaxing for a bit. I’m safe and loved and have a roof over my head. I am thankful for having Finn because a year ago I didn’t think I would ever get a dog again. (For companionship and emotional support) I’m going to be okay. I am strong and able. Today is not over ! -B


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